Series Inspiration — Love

What is your inspiration for the Love CollectionKaren botha Love Collection Romantic Mystery bwwm

Broadly speaking I wanted to write about flawed characters who didn’t realize that they are in need of love until they find it. They’re busy filling the void with anything they can get their hands on, all the time, diverting their attention from what is really important to them.

I wanted to discover what makes complex characters tick and uncover how they can overcome the fear that they’ll never admit they experience. Even to themselves.

Was this series based on your own experiences?

All my books are based on my own experiences in one way or another. This one is crudely based on the hole I felt in my heart when my husband had to move to another country for a while. I was happy in myself, I was busy, had friends, made myself busy. But, I wasn’t whole.

As soon as he returned, life blossomed into a technicolor. I no longer needed to fill my time with ‘busyness’ to avoid me feeling. And so we did less, but I felt better.

Do you know anyone like the characters in Daisy, Idris and Cassius?

There is never any one person who my characters are based on, even Lucy in the Naked Collection morphed away from my personality. But, I have met clients who sail close enough to the wind that they conjure up ideas of what they could be up to. We chat about their day and I automatically now start to embellish this in my head. By the time I’ve left our appointment, I have a brand new character screaming at me to be written.

If you’d like to get your hands on the entire collection of the Love series, then you can do so here.


Series Inspiration — Love