Meet Errol from the Close Protection series of interracial romances

The guy opposite is a pretty good representation of who I had in my mind when I wrote about Errol. Here’s an interview with him.  Errol features in a few of Karen Botha’s stories, but you’ll find the book dedicated to his personal plight in ‘Floating Trust’. The title is an Amazon Kindle Unlimited title or you can buy it on Amazon.


Karen xKaren Botha Author interviews Errol, a character from the Floating Trust series of interracial romance books

Where were you born?

I was born in Jamaica, but I moved over to the UK as soon as I was old enough to join the armed forces. I had a huge desire to help and save people. Perhaps that’s born from my childhood.

You talk of your childhood, so do you have siblings?

This is a touchy subject, but yes, I have an older brother. He’s still back in Jamaica.

You sound as though you’ve travelled. Is that correct?

Yes, I’ve travelled all over the world. Ever since my first job at sea I’ve had itchy feet. That transposed into my latest job as a close protection officer.

Did that require special training?

Sure it did. When you join any military operation they train you in warfare as well as how to care for people. I was no exception. The difference for me was that I took to both sides, the fighting and the caring. It’s no big surprise when you look back that I ended up putting my life on the line to protect people on a one to one basis later on in life.

I hear that someone got a hold of my induction certificate. I shouldn’t really say this because it’s top secret, but if you’d like to get your hands on it then it’s here.

Do you have any enemies?

Of course, who doesn’t? Particularly if someone writes a book about your life. I mean, without sounding arrogant, I need to have something interesting to say. I do also have a lot of close friends who I would lay my life down for in a heartbeat.

So, what’s your overall outlook on life?

Always strive to pick others up, not tear them down. It’s stood me in good stead so far.

What is the most defining moment of your life?

Is it possible that we only ever have one? If you read my story in Floating Trust, you’ll find there were a few significant moments in my life and I responded to each as felt right at the time. That’s part of being a growing human, I think. That we can adapt and develop beyond what we ever thought was possible when we’re tested to our extremes.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Ah, you think I’m going to fall for that one? Of course I’m not. You’ll have to read my story to find that out, and then all will become clear.

If you’d like to download Errol’s story, then read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited or buy Floating Trust here, now. 

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Meet Errol from the Close Protection series of interracial romances
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