Series Inspiration — Diamonds

Jessie a romantic mystery suspense book by Karen BothaI love this series. Jessie who is one of the two MC’s in this series features heavily in the Commitment series which is an Amazon best seller in it’s own right and one of the best gay books out there.

However, Jessie isn’t a gay character, she’s very much straight. And she always justified having her own story told. She had a lot going on under the surface, but I couldn’t get to telling all of that in the middle of a series of gay romance books so she had to wait.

When it was time to write about her, what better place to start than at the Norwegian wedding of Elliott and Kyle her two close friends out of the Commitment Series. So, that’s what happened. And low and behold, she met her guy on a budget airline, not quite understanding that he was one of the richest men in the world. I mean, why would you?

So, they took themselves over to Norway and that’s where my inspiration really started to kick in, because I love the place. I know where they were staying really well, all the islands that they went off to, the sports that they played and the countless fires and outdoor fun is all part of my experiences that I wanted to write about.


Karen Botha author of romantic suspense novels outside house from Jessie romance novel


When Jessie and Zac moved onto their next adventure in Nightmares and Stardust, I wanted the inspiration of this to be just as personal. And so, I took them off to Namibia where my hubby and I honeymooned. They ended up having a great number of close shaves, not all of which happened in real life.

But, the car accident happened to one of our friends out there.  They were driving just as Jessie and Zac were and their 4×4 ended up getting caught in the sand banks on the road and tipping over.

Our friends were all knocked out cold and only the Dad and our friend’s son who had been in a car seat were unscathed.

Their dad had to do exactly as Zac did and leave his family alone, not knowing whether they would be alive when he returned with help.

Karen Botha author namibia nightmares and stardust romantic mystery suspense novel

Anyway, if you enjoyed Elliott and Kyle’s story in the gay romance books, then check out Jessie’s story in her self titled novel, Jessie and the second in the Diamond series, Nightmares and Stardust.

Series Inspiration — Diamonds
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