Series Inspiration – Commitment

Buckle Up Collection 1 by Karen BothaWhy racing as a theme to a romance?

When I started writing, the overriding advice was to write what I know.  My first series was Naked and that’s a romantic suspense series about a massage therapist who meets a guy client. We are left wondering right up until the last page in the book as to whether he’s as perfect as he seems. But, I knew all of that, I’m a massage therapist and a lot of the stories are a creative elaboration on the stories my clients tell me.

When it was time for series two, and I wanted to write a gay romance, I have to admit, I did panic myself into wondering if I was making a huge error. Where is the write what you know there? Other than being a straight woman who can definitely vouch for the benefits of a good male torso, I wasn’t exactly steeped in experience of gay sex, and this book was going to be raunchy, I knew that much.

So, I got down to doing my research which is all well and good, but I needed a theme that was something I didn’t have to think about. And that’s where motor racing comes in.

I spent my formative years living with my dad who loves motor racing. We lived in pubs and every year he’d take off to Silverstone to watch the F1 with a group of guys from the bar, and I wasn’t allowed to go.

“Boys only.” I was told in a strong, rather abrupt Yorkshire accent.

So, that did it.

Me at Silverstone

From then on in, of course I loved motor racing because I wasn’t supposed to, and I also vowed that I would one day attend a race.

Now aged 44, that time is sadly further in the past than I’d like, but my love for motor racing still remains, and so when I decided to write a series on two gorgeous, hunky men, who needed to be set in a masculine environment it didn’t take me long to decide that Elliott Judd would be a racing driver and Kyle Beaumont his hotter than hell mechanic.

I didn’t realize at the time though that I’d be penning a six books series. I can’t believe how well the couple have been received. Sure, I love them, they’re my favorite boys, but it actually means a lot when I read reviews raving about how gorgeous they both are, inside and out. And so I guess, while I did need to do a certain amount of research, what I’ve also learned along the way is that if you’re in love, that’s all we care about, because what’s better than love?

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Series Inspiration – Commitment
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