Series Inspiration – Close Protection

Floating Trust by Karen BothaThe Close Protection series started when I was writing Daisy which is the first in the Love series. Already I was thinking of what is next! Errol turned up and I fell in love with the big man straight away and knew that he would get his story told.

I actually used a famous body guard as my inspiration for how he looks, but the concept of the series comes from a mix of sources. Many of you will know that by day I am a massage therapist and reflexologist. That means that I meet so many interesting people, and it’s not really much surprise that a lot of the stressed out clients we see are part of the close protection industry.

Through our natural chat, I get to hear a lot about  a life I would otherwise never be exposed to.  I mean, can you imagine me at 5ft no inches protecting someone. Perhaps if I’d had the Krav Maga training that Errol has had I may be up for it, but the military stuff requires me to take too many orders for someone with a small person’s disposition.

At the time of writing this, Floating Trust is launching in two days time. If you buy enough copies, then I’ll write the story for Ruth who is a real ball buster. You’ll meet her for the first time in Erro’s story. That’s how it works with this writing thing, you have to buy the books to show me that you like them, so don’t be shy!

If you’d like to bag yourself a copy, then here’s the link or if you’d like to start at the very beginning and take your introduction to Errol at a slower pace, then you’ll meet him first in Daisy, here.

Series Inspiration – Close Protection