Romantic Suspense

Available as individual books or a three-book bundle, these twisty mystery stories will keep you guessing.

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This series of romantic mystery and suspense will not only make you hot under the collar, but will have you turning the pages in a reading frenzy, unable to work out the mystery of ‘who did it.’ Karen Botha weaves a web of deceit where any one of her believable characters could be the dastardly culprit of life’s mishaps.

These full length novels are not only about hot relationships where sexy heat overpowers rational thinking, they are also stories which hone in on how other, more platonic relationships can make or break life’s ups and downs. Or be entirely responsible for them.

Verging on psychological thrillers, Karen will take you through a number of emerging questions, which you’ll rifle through all the way until you finally get the answer at the end. Your heart will leap as you suspect your favorite character, it will sink as you are disappointed in others and it will soar again as you reach the sexy parts that make you dream of your own times. Hot in places, serious in others and always about the complexities of life, these are books that you’ll want to reread time and time again.

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