Romance novel excerpts

Karen Botha Buckle Up Commitment MM romance book

If you’re looking for romance novel excerpts, head over to the book page and scroll down to the bottom. Each novel has an excerpt of that book extracted onto the page. It’s a glorious way to select which book you want to read, particularly if you’re short on time.

If you’d like a more personal approach, then you can listen online to Karen Botha reading her romance novel excerpts. They’re on YouTube for free. This is great because not only do get a feel for her romance novels, but you also see this author in the skin. You’ll see how her hands move over the page as she reads some of the most intimate moments she’s written.

Romance novel excerpts by Karen Botha author of a romance novel
Karen Botha author reading an excerpt from a romance novel in the Commitment Series

This is where you’ll find details of how fingers caress naked torsos, how kisses are placed over gently fluttering eyes and how the touch of a mouth can set a heart racing.

That’s not everything.

A romance novel deserves a great plot.

And Karen Botha’s plots are thrilling and exciting for more reasons than fiery romance characters stealing a forbidden moment in a heated moment of desire.

She explains what each book is about, why she’s written it the way she has. For sure her romance books include more than the odd kiss, but hard groins and tender breasts aren’t much without a back story. After you’ve watched her reading her books, you’ll notice when you read how as a heart races, so do her words. How when she wants you to experience long and languid kissing, that the pace of her sentences are slower.

In her book readings, Karen Botha also talks about how and why characters work in the way they do. You’ll discover snippets of information that will heighten your reading pleasure. Then when you reach parts you recognise, you’ll allow a knowing smile to curve the corners of your mouth.

Alternatively, if you’d like to read more than the first chapter of a romance novel for free, then Amazon has a larger excerpt and if you’re in Kindle Unlimited you can read romance books online free.

Romance novel excerpts