Karen Botha writes Cozy Mystery Books as Chloe Grace.

Chloe Grace Cozy Mystery Authors

‘Why are you using a pen name for your cozy mystery books?’ you ask.

Cozy mystery authors Chloe GraceWell, because it’s easier for readers to establish which are the Cozy Mystery Books that you want to read, vs the sexy Domestic Thriller’s of Karen Botha. They’re different genres and both may not be to your taste.

So, here are the books that Karen Botha writes as Chloe Grace. They’re all animal detective cozy mystery stories based on Albertus Eagle, or Albie to his friends solving the crimes that come his way. He’s in a coveted position of people revealing their secrets to him without hesitation. They don’t expect that he has a human, Bella, who can understand him. All books by Chloe Grace are clean and wholesome, and have happy, feel-good endings!

Albertus Eagle Cozy Mystery Detective Beagle Series

Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lie

#1 Prequel in the Albertus Eagle Detective Beagle Cozy Mystery Books

One murder. Two super cute animals. And a multitude of suspects.

But, no-one hears me.

Hey there. Pleased to meet you. I’m Albertus Eagle. I’m now known as the Detective Beagle. I see things. And I hear more. But, what’s best is that no-one suspects me of being the guy who feeds back what the humans can’t unearth.

It all started with one case.

The one where my owner, Milly was bumped off. It landed me, and the cat, otherwise known as Cleo to her friends, not that she has many, in a shelter for unwanted animals.

But, I didn’t let that stop me. Here’s my story.

Sleeping dogs don’t lie is the prequel to the Cozy Mystery series of novels starring Albertus Eagle, his two sidekicks, Cleo the cat and Bella Schuhmann the smart human who actually understands him. In this wonderful short which is packed with humour and satire, we see the world of murder and intrigue set up through the eyes of a loyal dog turned amateur sleuth. Download your free copy here.

Every Dog has his Day Karen Botha Chloe Grace Cozy Mystery starring Albertus Eagle the Detective Beagle

Every dog has his day

#2 Full length novel in the Albertus Eagle Detective Beagle Cozy Mystery Books

I speak!

That’s not so much of a bombshell, yeah yeah I can hear your yawns from here. I’m sure even fish must speak somehow so I understand your tedium. But, wait for it. Because here’s the humongous, oversized St Bernard of a shocker.

Bella, my dog walker at the sanctuary for abandoned animals, understands everything I say.

While that’s not always a good thing, it has its advantages. Plus we get on like a house on fire. So much so that she takes me, and unfortunately the cat, Cleo, to live in her modern, artsy home.

Then on top of all that spontaneous change of home scenery, Bella with her quirky nature and sticky out hair, understands me. I admit it. That whole episode  in what had previously promised to be a fairly ordinary day shakes up my world so much that an earthquake couldn’t have wreaked more havoc.

And it’s still not as much of a shock to my system as the realisation that Milly, my previous owner was not only murdered, but was wrapped up with some real shifty types before her untimely death.

Together, Bella and I, and to a much lesser extent, Cleo the cat, are checking out everyone from crooked corporations to bent blood relations. Not to mention her multitude of capricious acquaintances that are crawling back into the woodwork like the mice that the cat chases.

Every dog has his day is the humorous full length novel of Albertus Eagle, or Albie to his friends, Bella his owner and Cleo the cat who just has to come along for the ride. They come together as one indisputable team and sniff out what really happened to Milly, both alive and dead. Buy your copy here.

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