Kindle Unlimited Subscription

How does a Kindle Unlimited subscription work?

If you’re a bookworm and you’re considering an Amazon Kindle Unlimited but you’re asking ‘how does the kindle subscription work?’ then read on.

First off, the name isn’t a lie. Amazon Kindle Unlimited (KU) does what it says on the tin. You can choose from an unlimited amount of ebook titles and audiobooks from over 1 million. That’s all for £7.99 per month in the UK and $9.99 in the US. Think about Netflix, but for reading.

Yep, your subscription includes audio books.

And that’s all within the monthly fee. They don’t charge you extra if you want to listen to a book that has audible narration. If it’s in the package, then you get to listen to it with their whispersync technology.

What is whispersync?

Here’s a scenario for how whispersync works.

You’re at home and reading on your e-reader for a few minutes before it’s time to head out. You jump in your car and flip into audible. Your book continues at the spot where you left off reading.

When you arrive at the bank, there’s a line of people. You sigh, it will take ten minutes to reach the front.
No worries. You flip to your phone, open the free kindle app and your book starts up again where you stopped listening in the car.

All this for my one fee?


The one million plus titles within your Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription act just as any other Kindle e-book. Their syncing features work in the same way, meaning you can read or listen to them across multiple devices (e-reader, tablets, phone). With minimum effort.

And they include all of this within the monthly fee. Access a vast selection of titles from their library, including audiobooks. Read and listen to as many as you like. You don’t need to trade in coupons for a book, just borrow whatever book you want from their online library. Collect up to ten ebooks at any one time, all included within your membership.

What about Amazon First Reads?

Yep, this too. By the way, Amazon First Reads used to be called Kindle First, so don’t get confused. But, as we said, this is also included for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. Your Unlimited membership provides you early (first) access to new books which come out on Amazon Publishing.

You can choose one Kindle Book from a selection that the Amazon editors choose. This costs you just 0.99 unless you’re an Amazon Prime member when they are free. If you prefer print editions, then buy them instead for 3.99. You can have up to ten copies so they’re exceptional gifts to store up for Christmas.

It’s free to join Amazon first reads and they too have the whispersync technology. What’s different about these to Amazon Kindle Unlimited is that you never have to return these titles. They remain in your personal library (your virtual book shelf if you like) whereas Kindle Unlimited books get returned to Amazon once you’ve finished and you’re ready to read another book.

How does the Kindle Unlimited Subscription work?

It’s simple, and what’s best is that we have a deal for you. Head over to the KU Subscription page and check out where it asks you to log in. Make sure if you have more than one account that you’re doing it with the one you want to use as your membership won’t be flexible across different accounts.

Make sure you have plugged in your payment card. If you have one already in your account, it will automatically use this one.

Ensure you have one click payment clicked, and that’s it. You’re ready.

How do I find books in the Kindle Unlimited library?

You can use the search bar for this, but we’ve also written a post that will be helpful for you so make sure to come back to this page and check it out later once you’ve signed up.

Can I borrow more than one Kindle Unlimited e-book at a time?

Yes. You can borrow up to ten at a time. They stay in your account for as long as you want them there. If you want a different book when you’ve reached your limit of ten, then you can just return one. It’s not an issue, just like a library you can borrow it again whenever you want so just make sure you make a note of the authors and titles.

How do I return books when I’m using the Kindle Unlimited subscription?

This is easy. If you’ve reached your ten book limit, then Amazon will prompt you. It will even suggest which is best. All you have to do is hit the one click button and everything else will happen automatically.

To be honest, there’s not much reason to return a book unless you reach this limit, but there is another way to cleanse your reading library too.

This is via your settings.

Hover over the ‘account and lists’ under your name on the top right-hand side of the nav bar.

Scroll down to ‘manage content and devices’

This will bring up a list of the titles you have borrowed. You can sort them using the toggle button above the list. You can do this by media e.g. newspaper, magazine, music, books etc. and by alphabetical date ordered and so on.

This is also where you can go to check for that book you returned early and now want to finish reading.

How to cancel Kindle Unlimited subscription

You have a deal to start with so there’s not much point in cancelling before this point. we don’t think you’ll ever want to cancel once you get into this, it’s such a wonderful, great value service.

However, on the off chance you do, here is how.

Go to the same list as above, clicking on the drop-down menu under your name. Then, if you don’t think the service is worth the cost, scroll to Kindle Unlimited Settings. This is where you can cancel and also check the date that your next payment is due.

How do I sign up to the Kindle Subscription?

You’re in luck, we have offers for the program so just sign up. Happy reading!

Kindle Unlimited Subscription