Stuck inside and looking for Kindle Unlimited Cozy Mysteries from new authors with fresh writing?

Best Kindle Unlimited Cozy Mysteries. Read Chloe Grace Mystery Author

Chloe Grace is a new author on the writing block, penning hugely entertaining Kindle Unlimited cozy mysteries. This is great because it means you can easily binge read your way through the entire series.

Chloe Grace is a talented cozy mystery author who has sprung up over the past few years. Her novels are filled with humor and love, featuring a main character who will have you crying with laughter.

This series of which are seriously the best cozy mysteries, are set in a quaint English village where the sun always shines.

That should be a sign that all is not as it seems!

And you won’t be disappointed.

Because as well as a story series packed with warmth, this small town has a murder crime rate well beyond what the sunny streets suggest. Who would have thought so much murderous drama could go on in such a perfect place?

Heard all that before?

Read on.

We’ve saved the best until last.

Because Chloe Grace writes tenderly from the innocent viewpoint of Albertus Eagle. This dog narrates the entire plot in the books and gets to go where less clever ‘humans, can’t. No killer is safe with Albie sniffing around. Although to be fair, that sniffing may be more focused on food than crime. But, he gets there with more aplomb than is justifiable. Not that he sees that.

How does Albie communicate if people don’t know he’s a detective?

Here’s the thing. Not everyone can understand Albie. He has a sidekick, Cleo or ‘the cat’ who Albie blames continually for getting in the way of his ability to solve these deadly crimes. When their lives are thrown together in a strange new world, Albie can’t help but love Cleo even more. He just keeps it a secret. Even to himself.

And then there’s Bella, a talented local artist who also knits. Profusely. More importantly she’s Albie and Cleo’s special new owner who rescued both Albie and Cleo from a fate worse than the deaths in their village. The pound.

What’s better is she is the only person who understands Albie.

We think.

She’s always been able to speak to animals and when Albie is dead set on solving local crimes, Bella is also dragged into a new life of her own.

As an amateur sleuth.

Or Private Investigator as Albie prefer to call it as the face of his rogue pet detective service.

When this brings her into contact, and perhaps a romance, but certainly flirtation, with the handsome Pip a beautifully funny member of the local police force, Bella doesn’t complain. And neither do we as the reader.

This cozy mystery series is the best. Seriously.Best Cozy Mysteries Unlimited Series Dog Pet Detective

The Albertus Eagle Detective Beagle Kindle Unlimited Cozy Mystery Series is tenderly written by Chloe Grace. We immediately fall in love with all the characters and laugh and cry with them as they follow the breadcrumb trail of mysterious clues. And as Albie tries to eat them!

As characters go, they’re all flawed, but somehow this makes us love them even more. They are utterly divine. And we cheer them from somewhere immersed deep in their world, willing them to take the step towards progressing their relationship that one step forward. And in so doing, clear the chaos of suspects to result in a surprisingly clear investigation that will bring each story to a satisfying conclusion.

We’re never in any doubt when the book ends about who the sleuths have fingered as the cold-hearted killer. And why.

But, along the way we’ll also discover a bit more about each character and the victim they are fighting for. By the end of these cozies we’re left wondering about what fatal flaws our neighbors possess on our very street. And that’s why this Kindle Unlimited cozy mysteries are a fantastic favorite.

So, take my advice. Buy this wonderful series of Kindle Unlimited Cozy Mysteries. Today

Brighten up your dark winter or float through the heat of bright summer binge reading about the scandalous secrets of the hidden deceit in Albie and Cleo’s amateur sleuthing escapades. These are your perfect treat to shelter away from the world with.

Pick up the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Series of absolutely romantic animal cozy mysteries today and put your investigative skills to the test. If you’re not already a member, join Kindle Unlimited today.

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Stuck inside and looking for Kindle Unlimited Cozy Mysteries from new authors with fresh writing?