Kindle Unlimited Books

If you’re looking for Kindle Unlimited Books, it can be a bit of a minefield when you first start out. So, here’s our guide to help you easily find which books are on Kindle Unlimited.

Just browsing Amazon

First off, if you’re just browsing through Amazon and you want to spot Kindle Unlimited Books included in your membership, then all you need to do is look for the Kindle Unlimited icon throughout your kindle store.

Kindle Unlimited Books Icon

There’s a button, ‘read for free’ once you go into the details of the kindle book you’re interested in. You just need to click that and it will download onto the device or cloud that you have nominated. Sometimes this will display as a $0.00 or £0.00 so check out the cost even if you don’t see the read for free icon.

Amazon only has so much display space on a page so sometimes an icon has to give way to another for e.g. prime.

If you have installed the app on your phone and have it on your laptop, or if you’re using another device such as a kindle ereader then you can use the drop-down list to select which of the devices you’d like to read on.

If you don’t see the book when you go into your app, check on the cloud tab at the top of the page. You may find your selected title there. This is great because it means that you can read the novel, magazine, newspaper etc without it taking up valuable space on your device.

Not yet a Kindle Unlimited member and want to see which titles are available?

The best thing here is to find the Kindle Unlimited eligible books page. This page has every book in the entire catalog of Kindle Unlimited books. So, once you’re in, all you need to do is select the genre to see what titles are currently available.

Kindle Unlimited Books

You can also narrow your selection down here by new titles to see the latest authors publishing their works exclusively on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. And note: this isn’t just indie authors publishing sub-standard stories. Even Harper Collins are trialling using Kindle Unlimited. That’s how powerful this retailing formula is becoming.

If you’re worried that the books you can choose from are the substandard ones that no-one else likes, or reads, then don’t worry. Use the tab to select only books with great ratings to display. You’ll see there are still a ton there.


Read and listen to audiobooks at the same time? Then select Kindle Unlimited  books that come with audible narration. There’s no catch with listening to audiobooks. Subscribers get to listen to any audiobook in the Kindle Unlimited library at no additional cost. And you can switch between reading the book and listening too as many of these novels come with the whispersync technology.


These search tools are a useful way to explore KU. But, if you want to just browse quickly and see what’s published, we’ve taken the leg work out of this for you by providing some links below to the most popular categories.

If I’ve not included what you’re looking for, then click any and then under where it says, ‘browse Kindle Unlimited books’, you’ll see more headlines. There are as many genres within the KU program as there are normally. So why wouldn’t you sign up?

What’s great about Amazon is that it is intuitive. The best way to do this search is to check the top right-hand corner and ensure you’re logged into your Amazon account. This will mean that they will only show you the most relevant search results. So, what it displays is the KU books that Amazon thinks you will most enjoy reading.

They do this by tracking your previous purchase history and I think they will also work in your reviews too. So it’s important as a reader to always review the books you read. It helps both you and the author.

Active Kindle Unlimited Members

When you register as a KU member, there is a more convenient option than what we described above. Head over to the front page for Kindle Unlimited. This page is only for members of the service.

Check that you’re logged in with the account linked to your program membership and behold. You’ll see all Kindle Unlimited options. Just type Kindle Unlimited into the search query at the top.

Kindle Unlimited Books recommendations

If you’re using the app, or on your e-reader, you’ll access a selection of ebooks that Amazon thinks you’ll like. They pull this from thousands of sources so it’s accurate and is worth a look at. One thing they use is to look at the library of books that readers who read the same books as you chose. And those that they rated highly, read quickly or read more of from the same series.

Kindle Unlimited Books Icon

This is where programs like this become good value for money. Because if Amazon get it wrong, then you have lost no money. You don’t have to shell out for a book before you read it, so if you don’t like it, all you have to do is click the button to return it and switch it out for another.

By the way, http://Karen Botha‘s books are in Kindle Unlimited. And so are Chloe Grace’s Chloe Grace‘s Cozy Mystery Novels.

Did we mention you get magazines?

I think we did! Because this is one feature of Kindle Unlimited that we love. You can delve into mags that you wouldn’t normally read, give them a quick flick while you wait in line and then continue with your day.

With Kindle Unlimited full price monthly subscription payment of just $9.99 or £7.99 this is bonus enough — have you see the price publishers of magazines charge nowadays? This is so cost effective. You don’t have to worry about paying every month. Amazon automatically deal with billing.

To take out your own Kindle Unlimited Subscription WITHOUT RISK then click here for a special offer. 3 months free. That’s more than enough time to find your way around and work out if you think KU is as good a deal as we do.

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Kindle Unlimited Books