Meet Kyle Beaumont from the Commitment Series of MM romances

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Kyle is a mechanic with a body to die for. His mission in life was to become a top mechanic and when he and his wife divorced, he seized his opportunity. A new job wasn’t all he snagged, because he and Elliott Judd, the top racing driver in the world hit it off in a way neither of them expected.

On the left is the guy that Karen used as inspiration when she wrote Kyle’s character. Today we’re interviewing Kyle Beaumont to find out just what makes him tick.

What is your name? Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Kyle Beaumont, a mechanic with a dream. I realized that dream when I joined the top racing team in the world to be on the mechanics rosta for Elliott Judd, the race car driver world champion. I thought that being a top notch mechanic was my dream, little did I realize what I really wanted.

What character trait do you like most in yourself?

I love that I’m a big man with a bigger heart. I’m kind and finding Elliott has only brought that side of me out. I’m not ashamed to cry.

What character trait do you most dislike in others?

I despise dishonesty. There is no need for it, if you’ve got balls, stand up tall and speak what’s in your heart.

What is your most treasured possession?

I have two, other than Elliott 😉 I love the chair that Elliott got recovered for me. It’s a childhood heirloom which means the world.

My more recent treasured possession is the motorbike which Elliott bought me when we first started dating. We’ve had some fun on that, I can tell you!

Buckle Up Karen Botha Commitment 1

What is your greatest regret?

I’m not about regrets.

I’m an easy going guy and I live in the moment. I think that’s why when Elliott came along and uncovered my buried emotions, coming out was an easier transition than it would have been for some.

Life is short, and it’s about enjoying the special things now, not looking back.

What is your greatest strength?

Ooh, now, I am strong, does that count? I can throw around a tire like it’s a feather. You can read about just how strong I am in Commitment 4: Ignition when Elliott and I work with our personal trainer Florian to win a pretty impressive competition.

Does that make me sound cocky? It’s not meant to, I’m sorry.

What makes you laugh?

The normal banter makes me laugh, people that I care about being stupid amuses me, not because they’re funny, because invariably they’re not. But, because they don’t take themselves seriously enough to be bothered.

What is your favorite food/drink?

Karen Botha Buckle Up Commitment MM romance book

Pizza is my favorite food, but it never used to be. I never really had a favorite until I met Elliott. But, since meeting him, and adopting the ridiculously rigid diet which he has to stick to for work, pizza is defo my food of choice because I NEVER get to eat it. Oh, and beer.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

If I tell you about this, it’ll spoil it for you when you read it, but check out Commitment 1: Buckle Up and you’ll know as soon as you read it what I’m talking about.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs all the way. The problem is though that as our life has us traveling all over the world, we can’t have either.

Do you put on both socks then both shoes, or one sock, one shoe, other sock, other shoe?

I’m a kinda haphazard guy, Elliott is the organized one, so yep, who knows what I’ll do next.

Do you hold the door open for the person behind you or do you let it go?

Always, unless it’s race weekend and it’s someone from the opposing team then I’ll do whatever I can to make their lives more difficult.

But, that’s just the game plan.

Couch potato or gym bunny?

Gym bunny to the point that the hottest race car driver in the world can’t keep up with me in Commitment 2: G-Force.

If a boy/girl scout knocks on your door selling popcorn/cookies do you hide or answer the door and buy the stuff.

Sure, that was me at one time. Although, they’d struggle to knock on the door of our gated mansion nowadays.

How would you describe your childhood?

I had a very religious upbringing and that left me with a lot of great values, but has caused some issues when my lifestyle choices didn’t fit with my parents regimented ideas of what makes the perfect son. You’ll read about that in the Commitment series.

What are your favorite activities?

Sport, gym and sex. Is there a theme there?

If you’d like to know more about Kyle Beaumont, you can read his story in the Commitment series.


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Meet Kyle Beaumont from the Commitment Series of MM romances
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