Alice Sebold– Lucky

What writers can learn.
So, this week, there has been a spike in searches for Alice Sebold as she has a new book out called Lucky. So, I went over to her page to have a look at what she’s up to with a view to taking out some learnings.

Well… there are a few, but the first one is that if you make it to the big time, the trajectory is only upwards from thereon in. She’s selling her kindle book on pre-order for £10. Can you believe that? I scrape by at around £3 or $3.99.

Now, the big thing that I can take from how she’s going about her book launch is her review count. One month ahead of her release, she’s already gotten 1120 reviews on As I’m in the UK this is the site that I was automatically directed to.

Book Review-Becoming Super by SCinders

Four strangers from around the globe awakened that Saturday morning expecting the day to roll out in front of them much like any other had. What these four strangers didn’t know was that they shared something so precious, so rare that it would ultimately change the course of their lives forever. It wasn’t riches and fame. No, what they shared was far more valuable. These four women carried the one thing that would alter the very fabric of the galaxy. The ability to become SUPER.