BWWM Interracial Romance

Karen Botha writes multiple series of books in the BWWM interracial romance genre. Find out about each by clicking on the image below.

BWWM interracial romance series run down from Karen Botha

Love series: a collection of full length BWWM interracial sexy romance novels where our main characters live on the edge of the law. In addition to having to deal with the problems exposed by an interracial romance, they’re also working with life or death situations, which could be avoided if they would just change their attitude. But will they?

Diamond series: a bwwm romance collection. Pure and simple. Of course, the characters, Jessie and Zac get themselves into difficulties, but this is more because they’re naive in their expectations of the world and what love can offer.

Close Protection series: a beautiful interracial romance collection of books where love holds true despite all that life and it’s treacherous third parties can throw at it.

Rodeo series: I loved writing this book and there will be more to come. This is a classic bwwm love story of interracial romance beating the odds, but with a dastardly mystery thrown into the mix.

These series are all about love. They’re full length novels and all are available on Amazon by following the links below. To read the individual blurbs about each of the bwwm romantic mystery books, click on the images to go through to the book page.