Naked Collection–a mystery, thriller and suspense series

Naked Collection–a mystery, thriller and suspense series

Best friends get in the worst trouble. Can a PI and a masseuse take down murderers, criminals, and dubious lovers?

By Karen Botha

Series: Naked Collection: a Mystery, Thriller and Suspense series ( Books 1-3 )

3 books. 750+ pages of thrilling romantic mystery!

Paula knows her detective instincts haven’t exactly helped her relationships bloom. Then again, if she keeps sleeping with bad guys and cheaters, she’ll never find her soul mate. But when her best friend’s taste in lovers borders on disastrous, Paula vows to crack the case and discover the truth.

Lucy always follows her heart. But when Paula investigates her latest squeeze, she’s torn between trusting her bestie and rushing into love. As passions run high, Lucy takes a chance that could prove way more dangerous than another bad date…

As Lucy and Paula navigate relationships, billionaires, and crazed serial killers, they’ll have to keep their quest for love and themselves alive.

Will two best friends survive the playing field or end up six feet under?

Naked Collection is a captivating mystery, thriller and suspense series boxed  up in one set containing three sexy full-length novels. If you like hot passion, nail-biting action, and forever friendships, then this series will become one of your favorites.

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Naked Collection–a mystery, thriller and suspense series

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