Floating Trust–an interracial romance book

Floating Trust–an interracial romance book

The past has shredded my soul, but now I must live.

By Karen Botha

Series: Close Protection (book 1)

This interracial romance book has well-written characters who will grab your heart from the very first page of the novel and make you read to the end without pausing for breath.


I’ve been employed to look after Nassim, the most sickening criminal to walk the globe. He’s not the kind of guy whose best interests I hold close, but his daughter is a different matter. When she disembarked that plane, she brought a color to my future that I wasn’t ready to see.


I left the UAK with a mission that didn’t involve falling in love with a highly unsuitable close protection officer. But, that’s what I did.

As soon as Errol and I were close, my world ignited with an electricity that shook my core. The idea of abandoning that connection cracked my newfound confidence — it was only then that I recognized that gracious giant’s influence.

Shame I didn’t listen. Instead I went ahead with rolling out my plan. Except that once my heart was in control, anything could happen.

Floating Trust is the first in the Close Protection interracial romance books with more than a hint of mystery and suspense. This is an interracial romance novel about the lives of two people who have everything stacked against them. It’s a story of love conquering all, and that’s far more than any issues associated with interracial romance.

Floating Trust–an interracial romance book

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