Love Collection 1-3–a series of BWWM interracial romance books

Love Collection 1-3–a series of BWWM interracial romance books

Troubled pasts. Forbidden love. Will their crime pay with passion?

By Karen Botha

Series: Love series collection Daisy, Idris, Cassius ( books 1-3 )

3 interracial BWWM books. 550+ pages of red-hot romantic mystery!

Daisy has always preferred cash over love. But when she meets the olive-skinned Aman, she craves both his money and his touch. If only the sizzling temptation didn’t come with criminal complications…

Time on the streets left drug dealer Cassius stone-cold. So imagine his surprise when he falls hook, line, and sinker for a law-abiding housewife.

Idris thought he could keep business and pleasure separate. But as the dark beauty invades his thoughts, he fears a contact from his old life might cut their passionate future short.

As all three stubborn troublemakers break their own rules, brutal enemies and sordid pasts stand in the way of their second chance at a happy ending. Can mismatched soulmates rise above their inner demons to find forever love?

Love Collection: Daisy, Idris and Cassius is a boxed set containing three full-length rollercoaster interracial BWWM romantic mysteries. If you like interconnected stories, sizzling chemistry, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love Karen Botha’s wild trio.

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You can read these BWWM romances individually, but they are better value if you head over to Amazon and buy them already compiled into this bumper value collection. As with all of Karen’s books, the BWWM romances in this box set will keep you on the edge of your seat right until the last page.

Love Collection 1-3–a series of BWWM interracial romance books

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