Down In The Well–an interracial BWWM romance book

Down In The Well–an interracial BWWM romance book

When the grass isn’t greener; run.

By Karen Botha

Series: Rodeo (interracial BWWM romance book 1)

This BWWM interracial romance has a dark secret. Set in the US, in the midst of a community which strives to hide the real reason they don’t want Tommy and Hope to get together. It soon becomes apparent that their reasons are greater than the interracial aspect to their BWWM romance.

I’ve left my mom to be beaten by my brutish stepfather and I have no place to go. It’s not something I feel good about, but I had no choice.
I only start feeling good again when I meet Hope. True to her name, this gorgeous older woman, with chocolate brown skin has me dancing through her hoops.
The only issue is that I don’t know what those hoops are until it’s too late.

The day was like any other until I saw Tommy for the first time. Hot as hell and screaming out for some nurturing, I lost all good sense and took him under my wing. Problem is, he gets mixed up in a cataclysm that threatens to destroy us both.

But, neither of us are easily beaten. We know what we want and we will not give up, whatever the cost.

Read Down in the Well today, because Tommy and Hope will find a special place in your heart. Hope is building a life for herself despite her past . Tommy is running from his past trying to find a future. When they come together, sparks fly as their interracial romance takes over their sensible thinking. But, they never imagined that their pasts would turn out to be as intertwined as they could make their futures.

Down in the Well by Karen Botha is a BWWM romance with a difference. It will captivate you and have you rooting for Tommy and Hope to stop their pasts destroying their futures.

Down In The Well–an interracial BWWM romance book

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