Commitment Collection–a series of the best gay books

Commitment Collection–a series of the best gay books

A high-profile racer. A behind-the-scenes mechanic. Will the tabloids shine a light on true love?

By Karen Botha

Series: Commitment Collection Buckle Up, G-Force and Jump Start (books 1-3)

3 gay romance books. 600+ pages simmering with a passion you’ll only find in the best gay romances!

Elliott Judd is fearless on the race-track, but he’s scared stiff by commitment. So after his muscle-bound crew member finds a way into his heart, the driver ditches casual flings for something real. But as he fights to switch gears from the fast lane, he must fight his past to keep his gorgeous soul mate.

Struggling with a fresh divorce, Kyle Beaumont has just realized he’s gay. But with his passion for Elliott burning hot, he tries to take things slow to protect his heart. And as the spotlight’s glare sparks drama with old loves and estranged family members, Kyle risks a high-speed emotional breakdown.

To stay true to their feelings, Elliott and Kyle must face their darkest fears to find a joy they never thought possible.

Can the driver and the mechanic cross the finish line into lasting love?

The Commitment Series, Books 1-3 is a touching gay romance boxed set containing three sexy full-length novels. If you like hunky heartthrobs, speedway thrills, and sizzling action, then you’ll love Karen Botha’s captivating collection of gay romance books.

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Commitment Collection–a series of the best gay books

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