Commitment Collection of gay romance books 4-6

Commitment Collection of gay romance books 4-6

Failing is not an option.
Starting first doesn’t mean you’ve won. 

By Karen Botha

Series: Commitment Collection (books 4-6)

Judd Racing is running like a well-oiled machine with Kyle as the new boss and Elliott back in the driving seat, eager to prove to the world that his life-altering crash hasn’t left him mentally and physically broken.

So, Kyle and Elliott are on the road to a great life, until another incident on the race track brings back traumatic memories for the pair. This latest setback reignites Elliott’s insecurities and combined with damaging obstacles we’re left asking whether Elliott’s latest accident and a bunch of hotheadedness will keep our racing superstar from earning that coveted pole position?

The continuation of Elliott and Kyle’s commitment story where true love results in passion and hot sex. But never for the sake of it. Read about these sexy guys and learn whether they can face their demons, and the public, while taking another lap on the race track of life.

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Commitment Collection of gay romance books 4-6

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