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Oh wow. I have to tell you that I LOVED this book. It’s the best story I have read in a long time. And guess what. Not much happened. The plot was driven by emotions and if you’ve read any of my books then you’ll know that this is what interests me. Zach Abrams writes a fully faceted, flawed character in such depth that we are on his side as he goes about his business playing any number of different characters depending on the day of the week. By the time we get to the end of the book, we may not necessarily agree with him, but we do at least understand him. And that sticks with you way after you’ve read the last page.

Ring Fenced is a wonderful example of how an author can transport his reader into a completely different world, and in so doing show different sides to life that we would never ordinarily consider, nor understand beyond a mere tip of the head in acknowledgement. There are clear mental health issues associated with the main character in this book, but not once does the author say this, he demonstrates it through the behaviour. We can track his issues back to his family life as a child. Without giving too much away, he felt the need to break out of the mold others had set him into. And I can identify with this, because we’ve all surely been in a situation, whether this be at work, at home, or part of a social club, where we’re expected to behave in a certain way. And therefore we all know on some level what it must be like when that pressure is multiplied.

This is how this author is clever. Don’t get me wrong. His plot is great. His writing builds tension through the almost insignificant details of a day. But, it’s the way that he gets you to understand why this tiny elements count that is wonderful.

You should read this book. Without a doubt. Get it here.


Ring Fenced

Sex. Money. Power. Control. Benjamin wants it all.

He is Bennie, a loving husband and father; Benjie, a beloved son. He climbs the ladder as Ben, a corporate banker, and rakes in money as a bestselling author. And when he wants to escape it all, Benjamin styles himself as Jamie — the lover of a beautiful musician.

His life, in a word, is perfect. But after years of keeping his separate personae a secret, cracks begin to appear in the façade.

When an unexpected series of events topples Benjamin’s carefully crafted world, his separate lives collide with dire consequences.

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Who is the author?

Having the background of a successful career in commerce and finance, Zach Abrams has spent many years writing reports, letters and presentations and it’s only fairly recently he started writing novels. “It’s a more honourable type of fiction,” he declares.

Writer of the Alex Warren Murder Mystery series, set in Scotland, Zach has also written the psychological thriller ‘Ring Fenced’ and the financial thriller ‘Source’, as well as collaborating with Elly Grant on a book of short stories.

Zach is currently producing a non-fiction series to help small businesses -using the collective title ‘Mind Your Own Business’. The first, ‘So, You Think You Want to be a Landlord’ is already available.

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Book Review – Ring Fenced by Zach Abrams
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