Book Review — Bedlam & Breakfast at a Devon Seaside Guesthouse — Sharley Scott

Women's fiction Blog Book review Katie is desperate to leave her stressful job, so she doesn’t think too hard about moving to Devon to run a B&B, even if it means uprooting her family. She is certain that she and Jason have a strong and loving relationship which can weather any storm.

Hooked by the beauty of Torringham with its quaint harbour and stunning coastline, they purchase Flotsam Guesthouse which needs more than a lick of paint to keep it afloat. Soon, Katie finds that renovating and running a guesthouse is taking its toll, especially when dealing with challenging guests and madcap neighbours, Shona and Kim. Katie comes to learn that trouble is afoot whenever Shona begs a favour.

However, when her adored daughter moves back to their old hometown, she wonders if they’ve made a huge mistake, especially when cracks begin to show in her marriage.

Her seaside idyll is crumbling along with her relationship. Should she let Flotsam Guesthouse founder while she salvages her marriage? Katie needs to decide where her priorities lie. The only issue is, she doesn’t know.

Women's fiction book review

Book Review

In the same way that my writing is varied, I like to read a broad range of books and styles. This came up on the list and I immediately fancied reading it. And I wasn’t disappointed. It was a fast read, easy to get through while providing me enough of an escape from reality for me to feel that I was getting value. This was a book which kept me entertained and intrigued as it read like a diary. I was a little disappointed to discover at the end of the book that the tales were fictional. Although having harboured an idea of one day owning a nice bed and breakfast by the sea this book has done everything to shatter that illusion. Who would have thought it would not only be such hard work, but that the guests would be so utterly repulsive?

A great read that left me with a smile on my face by the last page. 4 stars​

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Book Review — Bedlam & Breakfast at a Devon Seaside Guesthouse — Sharley Scott