Book Review-Becoming Super by SCinders

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So, what’s this book about?

Four strangers from around the globe awakened that Saturday morning expecting the day to roll out in front of them much like any other had. What these four strangers didn’t know was that they shared something so precious, so rare that it would ultimately change the course of their lives forever. It wasn’t riches and fame. No, what they shared was far more valuable. These four women carried the one thing that would alter the very fabric of the galaxy. The ability to become SUPER.

What do an egotistical sexy warrior, a stupid recessive gene, and intergalactic travel have in common for me?

Well, it was the recipe used to destroy my life. You know it is going to be a bad day when you awaken to find you have been stolen from the planet and in order to live you must imprint with a space warrior that hates your very existence. To add fuel to the fire, this imprinting brings out superhuman abilities that you are now supposed to use to save the galaxy.

Did I mention I was a pacifist? Now I am tied to a smoking hot, sexy as sin warrior who is intent on turning me into a superhero. Kill me now.

Chloe had resigned herself to death. One didn’t get the diagnosis of stage four colon cancer without knowing your odds are slim. When the results came back indicating cancer had spread throughout her body she knew it was her time to go. She was a fighter, always had been. But there were some battles that even a hardened girl on the streets couldn’t take on.

When she first awakened Chloe wondered if she was in hell. Her body was completely healed, but she was at the mercy of a jealous queen in a strange land. It was there that Chloe learned the truth. She was stolen from earth minutes before her death to ‘imprint’ with an alien man in the hopes that she would develop superpowers.

Chloe might have been too tired to fight before. But she was more than ready to take the idiot on that changed her future and then abandoned her in a black hole. There were some things a girl couldn’t forgive.

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Karen Botha’s review

SCinders opened Becoming Super with a bang and continued like that the entire way through.

The characters were compelling, personally I preferred Chloe out of them all, but each had their unique traits-and flaws. I totally believed all of their motivations, buying into the space theme when this isn’t usually a genre I read.

I liked how the characters developed in what is literally an alien environment and how their relationships moved on as a result. It had a fair amount of heat, but it wasn’t overly done which is nice, there was a plot as well. Something often missing in high heat books.

The best part for me was the ending. It was adorable and left me with that light, fuzzy warmth in my soul.

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Book Review-Becoming Super by SCinders