Bella’s knitting corner–back porch shawl

When Bella goes out for a winter picnic with Pip in Barking up the Right Tree, she wears a knitted dress, and this shawl over the top.

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Chloe Grace is one of those cozy mystery authors who wants to bring you more than just great novels with quirky characters that you adore. She wants you to really get to know the personalities that keep her awake at night.

This is the section where you can get hold of everything that you read about in the books. A kind of a way to say thank you if you like for considering Chloe Grace among all those cozy mystery authors out there at the moment.

Enjoy your pattern!

Bella’s knitting pattern from Barking up the Right Tree.

Materials: Approx. 1095 yards of Worsted (4-medium) weight yarn in TOTAL (approx. 365 yards of each colour)
US size 8 circular needles (36″ min.) for holding your stitches.

NOTE: When working with 3 colours, it’s best to put the darkest colour on the bottom and work up to the lightest colour.

Gauge: 18 stitches x 24 rows = 4” (however, gauge isn’t overly important)

You can download the FREE pattern here. Back yard shawl as worn by Bella on a winter picnic with Pip

Bella’s knitting corner–back porch shawl