Bella’s knitting corner — make Bella’s arm knitted blanket

Measure about 4 yards of yarn with your arms. This should give you plenty of slack for casting on the first row.

Step 2: Cast On

Make a slip knot and slide it over your right hand. To make a slip knot, wind yarn into a circle, keeping the tail of the yarn on top. Place your fingers through the loop, and grab the piece of yarn that is attached to the skein. Pull the yarn through until you have a circle large enough to fit your arm through. Pull on the loop to tighten.

How to tie a slip knot.

Let the tail of the yarn hang in front of your palm, and loop the yarn loosely around the first two fingers of your left hand.

Pull the yarn attached to the ball underneath the yarn behind your fingers and then through the loop.

Hold the tail of the yarn in your left hand and the newly made loop in your right hand. Pull the tail to tighten, and make a slipknot.

Check out a youtube video here

Step 3: Cast on First Row


To cast on the first row, align your pointer finger with the tail of the yarn and your thumb with the working yarn. Using your left hand, wrap both fingers around the yarn, and pull up to make an X-shape. Use your pointer finger from your right hand to loop your hand through one of the X’s, and pull it through. Then use your thumb to loop your hand through the second X, and pull it through again. Repeat 20 times. Once you’ve cast on 20 stitches, you should have a short tail.

Step 4: Start Knitting


Hold the working yarn in your right hand. Pull off one of the cast loops to create another loop. Put your left hand through that loop and grab the working yarn. Pull it tight to your arm. Repeat down the entire row. Continue knitting rows back and forth, and from one arm to the other.

When you’re at the end of one skein of yarn, add a new skein with a small knot. Make the knot as tight as you can.

Step 5: Bind Off


Hold what’s left of the working yarn. Make a loop and transfer it to your left arm like you’re still knitting. Do that one more time. Then drop the working yarn, and pull the first of the two loops off your hand, going over the second loop in the process. Re-tighten the loop, then add another loop. Continue pulling and tightening loops. When you get to the last loop, slide the tail through that loop. Pull tight.

Step 6: Tuck in Ends

Cut remainder of the tail off, and go back through your work to trim off any excess pieces of yarn from where you tied the skeins together.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Bella’s knitting corner — make Bella’s arm knitted blanket