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So, this week, there has been a spike in searches for Alice Sebold as she has a new book out called Lucky. So, I went over to her page to have a look at what she’s up to with a view to taking out some learnings.

Well… there are a few, but the first one is that if you make it to the big time, the trajectory is only upwards from thereon in. She’s selling her kindle book on pre-order for £10. Can you believe that? I scrape by at around £3 or $3.99.

Now, the big thing that I can take from how she’s going about her book launch is her review count. One month ahead of her release, she’s already gotten 1120 reviews on As I’m in the UK this is the site that I was automatically directed to.

I dutifully then went on to and guess what?

Lucky by Alice Sebold is not even listed on kindle!

Odd, I thought.

I proceeded to delve a little deeper. It turns out, there are old copies of the book which are ten ish years old. Until this point I hadn’t realized the title was a re-release. I switched to google, hunting down a reason why this release would only be available in the UK. There was NO information. Not even a blip.

So, all that I can assume is that it will be released in the USA later.

What indie authors can learn:

  1. If you have enough reviews, it helps a book sell. 1200 ish reviews one month out of launch and a sales price of £10 for a kindle edition tells me that they’re fairly confident the reviews will push the envelope with the cost of the book.
  2. Give enough of a lead time for the word to get out there and don’t necessarily worry about your approach being co-ordinated worldwide. One market will run in a different pattern to another so develop a plan that works individually.
  3. Work in advance and allow enough time for the pieces to slot in. That way, by the time release day comes everything will be a well oiled machine.

This may not seem like much of a learning, but to indie authors who are running around making sure everything is in line without the security of a big business model to support them, this can be the type of insight that engenders a huge sigh of relief.

So, take it.

Step back and release the balloon that’s been set to explode in your chest from managing a huge number of constantly moving parts, and let go. Just like Alice Sebold’s team have. If it’s okay for them, surely it has to be for us too.

So, after all that, if you would like to get ahold of the copy of the book, here is the UK link.

Alice Sebold– Lucky
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