A day in the life of…

…an author. Here’s what one day consisted of.

And trust me the day I’m about to tell you about is pretty standard. Let me explain.

It started off the same as any other day, I woke up, checked my email and posted on my social media. This particular day I was very happy. Karen Botha, writing, authorI’d received a note from my editor telling me how much she likes my work.

It brightened my morning, and the rest of my day. It’s nice to be told you’re good, especially by someone who reads a lot of other people’s work who write in the same genre as me.

In fact, now I’m talking about it, I’m getting myself all smiley again.

Here’s her message:

“Wow! I can’t believe the speed with which you put out these novels. I’m in love with your characters, and the idea that their stories are produced so quickly is shocking to me.”

It’s good isn’t it? Unfortunately, it was sent with her invoice attached which did sour my mood slightly.

After I’d dealt with her invoice, and consoled myself about my bank account, I got up and showered. I’d usually work out, but hubby has filled my gym with items from the wardrobe he has removed in the other room, so I’m unable to. Shame…

Then, after preparing some food for later in the day, it’s time to gravitate to my favorite place — my laptop. I’ve not been writing this week, I’ve had two books, Errol’s story which I’ve called Floating Truths and Axel’s out with editors and my proofreader respectively, so while I waited for their amends, it was time to work on my marketing.

Previously, I’ve subbed this work out to a third party, but I found I very quickly lost track of what was going on, plus finances are tight and I really could do with saving the $50 that I’d have to pay a professional. Therefore, it was time for me to sit down and find some bloggers.

I hit the internet.

And I searched.

Firstly, for gay romance blogs where I selected a number of different contacts. Now, this is not as easy as it sounds because not all bloggers are taking submissions, and if they are, finding their contact details, or using one of their myriad of online forms is time consuming to say the least.

By the time I’d done all of this and formulated it into a spreadsheet, I’d almost missed the dinner I’d prepared earlier. And I still had another bloggers search to fit in for Errol’s story.

There was no time, so I left the women’s fiction search for another day and headed downstairs to fill my stomach with the amazing stew that had been slow cooking in the oven.

All the time I was doing this, hubby was creating a masterpiece upstairs, or should I say, up the stairs. He’s had some random pieces of wood knocking around the house for more time than is proper and it was time for him to create his masterpiece.

After much banging and crashing, thumb smacking and cursing, the end of the day crept in and this is what I ended up with.

Karen Botha, author, a day in the life

I love it!

He’s done an impressive job of creating something beautiful out of old cast offs and this is the kind of thing that touches my heart.

I’m going on a bit now, so I’ll let you get on with reading the rest of this newsletter.

Until next time.

Karen x

PS. If you would like to help out my plight on social media and help me make more of a splash when my books launch, drop me a line back on the contact form at the bottom of this page. I’ll be more than happy to add to my embarrassingly short list of bloggers (although it is growing) and people who are generally able to publicly support my book launches!

The type of things this includes are getting your hands on an advance copy of my books before they release, reading it and posting a review on Amazon or any other websites you can get your hands on.

I can also send you some nice creatives that you can post to advertise my book launch, either on social media or your own sites. That’s irrespective of whether you take an advance copy to review.

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